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And what do the clients say?


I thought I‘d let you know that I have just received a call from [pharmaceutical company] from the US: they are extremely happy with our SOP translations. It’s a great pleasure to pass on this compliment to you!

Translations agency I have done SOP test translations for a potential new client for

… especially concerning the very “creatively written” source text the translator achieved a brilliant performance. In some cases you had to read the English phrases five times to get some kind of meaning of them.

Judgement of the proof-reader about a translation with a source text of very poor quality

The client just said: he (a German) was very impressed with the translation.

Project manager of a Translation Agency with the feedback from the client about my translation, which was reviewed by the client’s product specialist

A colleague of mine from project management has already reviewed the translations and noted that they have turned out very good.

Feedback of a client about the translations of medical studies

The translator has done a fanstatic job and upvalued the text many times over. In some parts it needed a lot of imagination to decipher the meaning of the source text but he did it brilliantly

Editor about my translation of a manual for an ECG device with a very poor source text



I am very very happy to forward you the client's feedback below on the latest article translated for [international provider of lab equipment]. This is the single best feedback we have ever received for German from them 🙂 Thank you so much for your continued collaboration: "I just reviewed the article. It’s not only an excellent scientific work it’s also a perfect translation. It’s looks like a translation of a native speaker with scientific background. I could not have made it better. If all translation would have this quality…"

Project Manager of a translation agency passing on the feedback from the client

Altogether your translation was very good concerning both the technical quality as well as the linguistic quality. I particularly liked the headings and generally the short and concise formulations …

Translation agency I translated a product leaflet for

The translation was very good linguistically and stylistically. I found it particularly striking, that there were practically no orthographic mistakes.

Feedback from the proof-reader about an extensive translation I did for a translation agency

Thanks - also for the very positive feedback we received from the client.

Feedback from a project manager of a translation agency

I am sending you the corrections from the client. Unfortunately, the reviewer is not very computer-literate and inserted the corrections by handwriting. Thus, they are not reflected in the Word documents. However, altogether he was very happy with it.

Feedback from the project manager of a translation agency

I haven't yet finished with the review but despite the topic it has been a pleasure. I have read so many bad translations lately (although in the other direction) that it is a blissful relief to see that someone is taken great pains to formulate and research dilingently.

Reviewer of a translation in field of molecular diagnostics

Just want to let you know that I thought your translation was brilliant! Should we ever get a text like this again I would be happy to have you do it.

Reviewer of a translation of a guideline about knowledge management for a pharmaceutical company